A student speaking in an MEd in Education classroom

Learn more about the Education MEd program, including course information and how to apply.

MEd in Education at a Glance

  • Location: Core curriculum online*
  • Length: Two years, typically
  • Schedule: Part-time
  • Coordinator: Dan Wissinger
  • Email: daniel.wissinger@iup.edu
  • Phone: 724-357-2047

*See specialization for location options

Prepare for leadership roles in the classroom and school community while staying vested in your current position. The Master's of Education program offers online classes to fit your busy schedule.

What's unique to our MEd program is that it gives you the ability to choose a specialization that fits your goals and interests. Half of the coursework will consist of the core MEd curriculum, and the other half will allow you to grow in a specific area of expertise. This program will help you use your professional strengths and needs to shape practical learning experiences and apply them in classroom practice.


Students complete 15 credits of the core coursework. You'll also complete the courses within your chosen specialization. Choose from the following options:

Core Coursework
Course Number Course Name Credits
MEDU 761 Connecting Community and School 3cr
MEDU 762 Teaching Academically-Diverse Learners 3cr
MEDU 763 Educational Research and Practical Application 3cr
MEDU 764 Educational Technology for Today and Tomorrow 3cr
MEDU 765 Curriculum, Assessment, and Reflection 3cr

How to Apply

Contact IUP Graduate Admissions or Master's of Education Coordinator Dan Wissinger for information on applying. Your specialization may have additional required materials. For questions about program-specific requirements, check your admissions profile (if you've already applied), certification web pages, or reach out to the specialization coordinator.