Administration and Leadership Studies, DEd Admission Requirements

The following materials are required for admission:

  • All applicants must have a master's degree.
  • Neither the GRE or MAT is required.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Application fee of $50.
  • Goal statement (approximately one to three pages in length).
  • Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Participation in an interview.

For more information about admission requirements at IUP, please visit Graduate Admissions.

School Administrators

Candidates who satisfactorily complete the required coursework and internship may then apply for the Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility. Candidates must also meet the current Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements that are specified on the PDE website. These requirements include but are not limited to "evidence of six years of satisfactory school experience, of which three must be in a supervisory or an administrative capacity."

Candidates who satisfactorily complete this program and are not eligible for the Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility can still receive a doctoral degree in Administration and Leadership Studies.

  • This cohort is comprised of elementary, middle, and high school principals as well as central administrators.
  • All applicants should have their administrative certification.
    • After completion of all program requirements, students in this cohort can obtain the Pennsylvania Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility.

How do I obtain the Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility?

  1. Toward the end of your program, you should prepare for your Praxis exam. You must pass the School Superintendent Assessment: Test Code 6021. Former candidates have stressed the importance of buying the ETS Study Guide for the School Superintendent Assessment.
  2. You must complete all course and internship requirements in the ALS program.
    1. Once you have completed the first two steps, you can apply online to the Pennsylvania Department of Education: (TIMS) Teacher Information Management System.
    2. Please contact the Educator Preparation Office, 104 Stouffer Hall, (724) 357-2485, for current fees, which are payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and IUP.
    3. IUP is the certifying officer (104 Stouffer Hall).

College Administrators

Candidates who satisfactorily complete the program will receive a doctoral degree in Administration and Leadership Studies.

  • This cohort is comprised of college faculty, individuals seeking careers in higher education, social service agents and administrators, and college personnel.
  • All classes are presented in a seminar format that combines theory and application.