This statement is from Indiana University of Pennsylvania President Michael Driscoll:

“As we join our legislators in wishing Mrs. Malphine Fogel best wishes in celebration of her 95th birthday on Monday, we also share her pain, sadness, and worry for her son Marc Fogel, who has been detained in a Russian prison for 2½ years.

“It is unconscionable to think of Mrs. Fogel celebrating yet another birthday without her son, who is a valued member of the IUP family.

“IUP continues to fully support the work of our legislators—especially Representatives Reschenthaler, Kelly, and Deluzio and Senators Casey and Fetterman—in keeping the spotlight on Marc Fogel and encouraging the Biden Administration to designate him as wrongfully detained.

“IUP’s commitment to justice and equal treatment is not just about our campus or our home community—it is about supporting justice for all—in this case, justice for Marc Fogel.

“We are proud to stand with these legislators and many others who are working to bring Marc home, and we support efforts to publicize his story, including his long career as an educator and his value as an IUP alumni.

“I was proud to join members of the Fogel family in Washington, DC to meet with our legislators to call on their help to end Marc’s unjust, inequitable, and cruel detainment.

“On behalf of IUP, I have sent my personal happy birthday wishes to Mrs. Fogel and our assurances that Marc is not forgotten.

“We hope that the US administration will take all steps possible to free Marc Fogel and that the Russian government will release him. The Biden Administration has not designated him as wrongfully detained while expediting others under similar circumstances. The United States must do right by Marc, as he has served America by teaching many of its children during his over 35-year career as an educator.”

Background Information

Marc Fogel, a native of Butler, is a 1984 social studies education graduate of IUP. He taught history courses at schools attended by children of US diplomats in Colombia, Venezuela, Oman, and Malaysia. The last nine years before his arrest were spent teaching at the Anglo-American School in Moscow.

He has been in Russian custody since August 2021. He turned 62 on July 28, 2023, while in a Russian prison.