I am sorry to tell you of the passing of Carter Riley Brown, 19, a first-year student enrolled in the Academy of Culinary Arts and a resident of the Punxsutawney Living Center.

Carter, of Mercersburg, Pa. died Sunday as a result of an auto accident in Huntingdon.

Carter's family will hold a Celebration of Life in his honor at their home, 12440 Carson Court, Mercersburg, on Saturday, April 21 at 3:00 p.m.

The death of someone you knew can evoke strong feelings. The best way to cope is to talk to your closest friends, family members, or trusted teachers. There are people among us who have experienced similar events, and they are often more than willing to help others going through difficult circumstances.

Students who would like to speak with a counselor may call 724-357-2621 or visit the Counseling Center in the Center for Health and Well-Being, Suites on Maple East. Persons may also contact the Council on Spiritual and Religious Life for support at


Michael Driscoll