Dear IUP Community:

I want to send my best wishes to the entire university family as we start the last leg of this academic year's journey. I was really pleased to learn that during Spring Break, the University Family Drive surpassed the 80 percent mark of its goal of 550 participants. I am hopeful we'll surpass 100 percent of our participation goal by April 4.

You might wonder what's in it for you and why your participation is important. Liken it to voting in the general election. In the case of the University Family Drive, every gift represents a vote of confidence in what we are doing here at IUP right now. Yes, it's true that if every employee were to give, we'd realize a nice sum. But, the University Family Drive is not about the sum of money raised. It's about the participation—the vote of confidence we give in this place we share. If each of us were to give, it would make a compelling argument to alumni to give. If each of them were to give, it would catch the attention of foundations and corporations as we ask them to give.

The end result is a great deal of support for our university, both in terms of positive endorsement and dollars.

If you already have given your tax-deductible gift through the drive, I thank you. If you haven't, you can make a gift that directly benefits your own department or area of interest immediately or through payroll deduction.

You will find payroll deduction materials on the University Family Drive website, or you can make an immediate gift online.

Thank you for all your hard work and your belief in all we do here at IUP. I hope to see you at our University Family Drive victory celebration on April 14.


Michael A. Driscoll