PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 101 Critical Thinking
PHIL 122 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 130 Introduction to Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 221 Symbolic Logic I
PHIL 223 Philosophy of Art
PHIL 232 Philosophies of Love
PHIL 240 Philosophy and the Good Life
PHIL 270 Ethics and the Environment
PHIL 281 Special Topics
PHIL 320 Ethical Theory
PHIL 321 Symbolic Logic II
PHIL 323 Political Philosophy
PHIL 324 Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHIL 325 Early Modern European Philosophy
PHIL 326 Existentialism
PHIL 330 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 350 The Human Experience of Time
PHIL 360 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 390 Philosophy of Human Nature
PHIL 420 Metaphysics
PHIL 421 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 450 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 460 Philosophy of Language
PHIL 480 Honors Seminar in Philosophy
PHIL 481 Special Topics
PHIL 482 Independent Study
PHIL 483 Honors Thesis

For course descriptions, refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.

Philosophy Courses Currently Being Offered