About Payroll Services

  • IUP Payroll Services is responsible for the processing and reporting of nearly $100 million of university salaries and benefits, ensuring the timely and accurate payment of more than two thousand employees.

    The office ensures payments of employees are made in compliance with state, local, and federal tax guidelines, contract agreements, and university policies.

    The office also provides assistance to employees in the processing of benefit options, tax exemptions, direct deposit, union dues payments, bond deductions, and wage taxes. The leave records of all university employees are maintained in this office.

    IUP Payroll Services processes the payroll for student employees, which includes undergraduates and graduates, graduate assistants, graduate directors, and teaching associates. All students must be enrolled in an IUP-sponsored program of instruction. Such programs include, but are not limited to, degree-seeking programs, a certification program, or an IUP exchange or partnership program.