Kacey Cowburn

Kacey Cowburn

As a speech-language pathologist, Kacey Cowburn knew she could help people. But by becoming a faculty member, she extended her reach well beyond what it was before. Learn more about her in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.

What is it about the speech-language pathology field that initially drew you in—and ultimately keeps you interested?  

My desire to become a speech-language pathologist stemmed from wanting to work in a profession where I could make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. I also like the versatility and employability it offers. Speech-language pathologists work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, private practices, and tele-practices. Additionally, we are trained to work with a variety of populations across the lifespan. 

Why do you enjoy teaching in this discipline? 

As a clinical faculty member, I primarily supervise and educate student clinicians. Despite my primary role as an educator, I continue to consider myself a clinician. This unique role allows me to make an impact on my students and my clients. Transitioning from a clinical role to a supervisory position was initially challenging, due to my passion for directly serving clients. However, I realized I could have a greater impact and reach more individuals by educating future speech-language pathologists to provide evidence-based services. 

What advice would you give students about how to succeed in college? 

Passing along the advice of my child’s teacher: “Study early, study often.” Establish connections with your professors and seek their guidance when needed. Get involved in activities outside of the classroom. Most importantly, find a balance by taking breaks to enjoy doing things you love!