Erin Conlin

Erin Conlin

Associate Professor and Internship Coordinator

What's a book that means a lot to you?

I adore the Harry Potter series, by J. K. Rowling. The series brings me joy. Reading the books is like wrapping up in a comfortable blanket.

I first read the series when it came out 20 years ago and loved it. A decade later, I found myself rereading them in graduate school, because they were mental comfort food when I was stressed or worn out. As an adult, I’ve had the opportunity to read parts of them with my stepdaughter, and each time I turn the pages or listen to the audiobook, I fall in love all over again with the magic and mystery. Fantasy novels are my escape. 

Erin Conlin teaches courses on public and oral history and on 20th-century US history, focusing on the issues of race, labor, and migration in modern America. Since 2014, she has directed the IUP Oral History program.

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The Harry Potter Series

J. K. Rowling


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