Giving New Life to Oak Grove’s Fallen Trees

Posted on 5/11/22 6:00 AM

Fallen trees from the Oak Grove have turned over a new leaf. They’ve been sawed into boards for use in student art projects in the Art and Design Department’s Wood Center. Students are drawn into the entire process, from tree trunk to finished art, thanks to faculty expertise, an innovative woodworking program, and IUP’s array of equipment.

“One piece of equipment that was purchased was a portable bandsaw mill, and IUP is still probably one of the only university wood programs in the country that has one of these sawmills that enables us to take trees and mill them into boards. So, our students get to make things for themselves . . . that are made from wood that was once growing as trees on the IUP campus. The fact that we can do this is unique.”

—B. A. Harrington, associate professor, Department of Art and Design; director, Wood Center at IUP