Dear Students,

As promised in Monday's message, we wanted to offer some additional details about the fall semester and what you can expect, including class delivery and facilities and resources available to you, including on-campus housing and dining.

For the fall semester, we listed the specific categories of students who are invited to return to campus for as much face-to-face class delivery as possible in our hybrid format. Freshmen are in this category. In this case, “freshmen” is defined as any students who have 30 credits or fewer, including transfer students with 30 credits or fewer, not just students who are new to IUP.

Attending Classes On Campus

Other categories of students who are in this group are:

  • Students in clock-hour programs including the Academy of Culinary Arts and the Criminal Justice Training Center.

  • Students in academic programs that require them to be on campus for face-to-face delivery of classes (details about which programs are in this category will be sent to you this week).

  • Most students in graduate programs (unless their coursework is already scheduled for distance learning).

  • Students with special circumstances that require face-to-face instruction or their presence on campus. We will work with students in special circumstances on an individual basis to provide the best possible learning platform. If you believe that you are a student that has this need, please work with the Department for Disability Access and Advising.

Any student who has concerns over attending hybrid courses in person can elect to continue in a course remotely, unless that is not possible within program requirements. If you have this concern, please contact your department chair. You can find this contact information in MyIUP.

We have designed this plan to balance health and safety concerns (minimizing the number of people on campus) with our educational mission. However, all students will have access to campus facilities (dining, library, gymnasium, fitness facilities)— not just students in the groups listed above. In the interest of safety and social distancing, on-campus services may be limited, operating remotely, or open on a restricted basis. More information, hours of operation, and details will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

Even if you are not in the groups listed above, you may have access to face-to-face course delivery. Upper-class students (including new transfer students with more than 30 credits) may be able to attend a class on campus in person if these criteria are met:

  • The course has been designated as a hybrid or face-to-face course (no new sections of classes will be created).

  • You are already scheduled and registered for the course.

  • There are physical seats available in the class, understanding that all face-to-face classes will follow social distancing guidelines.

Students in this situation need to contact their department chair, who can help them determine what classes would be available to them, since many of our upper-level courses will be offered remotely.

Housing Information

Whether you are a new IUP student or returning, we want to make sure you know that we are here for you. Any student is welcome to live in on-campus housing (as space permits).

  • If you are taking all online classes and want to live on campus, you can.

  • If you are taking some in-person and some online classes, you can live on campus.

  • If you are taking all online classes and want to stay home for the semester, you can. In that case, we will drop your housing and meal plan with no fee prior to move-in and provide a refund if you have already paid for housing and dining.

No matter your decision, we want you to let us know. In the housing portal within MyIUP we have a form “tell us your Fall 2020 plans.” Here's how you get there:

  • Log in to MyIUP
  • Click on the "Campus Services" tab
  • Click on "Housing Services"
  • Click on the "Forms" tab
  • Click on "Tell us your Fall 2020 plan"

If you've decided to live with us this fall, please visit the Move-In Fall 2020 Information. This site includes information especially for new students and information for continuing on-campus residents. This website includes information about move-in schedules, early arrival, late arrival, what to pack, as well as some of our COVID-19 precautions and information.

Every student will receive a Safety Kit. Kits will be distributed to on-campus new students at the staging area for move-in, continuing students will receive them at their residence hall. Information about how to pick up your safety kit if you are a commuter or off-campus resident will be sent to you next week.

Housing and Dining Refunds

For Fall 2020, students who will not be living on campus as a result of the Fall 2020 Rebalance Plan need to let us know prior to their scheduled move-in through the "Tell us your Fall 2020 plans" form. Your housing and meal plan will be canceled, and the charges will be removed from your account. Please allow 48 business hours for this to occur.

Dining on Campus

IUP Dining has been working hard to ensure the safety of our customers and employees as we prepare to open. Working within the CDC guidelines and through guidance of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (Food Licensing), we have created a comprehensive plan to ensure that we offer the safest program we can and continue to provide first-class food and service. 

All on-campus residents are required to have a meal plan, but meal plans of all types are available to students who commute to campus or who live off campus. If you live within commuting distance and would like to have a meal plan, you are able to select a commuter meal plan through your MyIUP account.

  • Log in to MyIUP.
  • Click on the "Campus Services" tab
  • Click on "Housing Services"
  • Click on "Indiana Campus Commuter Meal Plan"

Stay Safe,
The Fall 2020 Planning Committee