Food and Nutrition professor Diane Wagoner and a team of students in the Dietetic Internship Program provided savory salads and other light lunch fare to members of the campus community during their Lunches-to-Go Week, July 17–24.

Food and Nutrition

Wagoner and her crew prepare pork loin for a salad with romaine, sugar snap peas, a tomato marinade, and honey dijon dressing.

The students began work each morning at 8:30 at the kitchen in Ackerman Hall. They made almost everything from scratch, from salad dressings to grilled pork.

Food and Nutrition 2

Back, from left: Rachel Springer, Joelle Ference, Desiree Heckman, Bethany Dawson, Anna Hummel, Hana Smith, Francesca Calabrese, Kristyn Cromer. Front, from left: Alyssa Conti, Jaimie Ogle, Molly Snyder, Melanie Laird

In all, they prepared about 275 lunches to delighted recipients around campus. Each included an afternoon snack as well as a recipe.

This is the fourth year the Dietetic Program has offered Lunches-to-Go Week.

Food and Nutrition 3

In addition, they delivered them to appreciative recipients around campus.

photos: Ellen Marie Matis