Professors Claude Mark Hurlbert, Melvin Jenkins, James Jozefowicz, and Robert Kostelnik have been named to the Princeton Review's Best 300 Professors, a new guide recognizing top professors in the nation according to ratings on

Professors from 122 colleges and universities are included. is the largest website for professor ratings, covering more than 7,500 schools, and ratings are made entirely by students.

“IUP faculty members put teaching and mentoring students first and foremost,” Gerald Intemann, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, said. “It is not surprising to see four of our professors chosen for this publication. They are just a few of the outstanding teacher-scholars here at IUP who are dedicated to student success.”

Hurlbert (photo, bottom left), professor of English, is described in the guide as doing “everything in his power to help students write about the most important subject matter in their lives and world, so that they might also learn as much as possible about writing” along the way.

Hurlbert, who has taught for more than 30 years, has designed a pedagogy in which students “are treated with respect and integrity,” according to one student. It “prepared me for life,” said another.

“I truly feel blessed to teach first-year writing and to be in a classroom with students as they discover what writing can do both for them and others,” Hurlbert said.

Jenkins (photo, top left), professor and chair of Developmental Studies, noted that his “teaching and advising are designed to create better people, not just better students." He said he looks to affect "the entire student, in order to facilitate as many positive changes as possible within the population.”

One student said Jenkins “values the importance of contact with the students and therefore teaches courses that maximize the amount of time he can spend interacting with his classes.”

Jenkins said he recognizes that many students have difficulty learning and has developed a teaching technique that allows for and understands genuine academic deficiencies without discouraging the student suffering from them.

“My ultimate goal is to reach each of my students holistically, thus creating a better person,” he said.

Jozefowicz (photo, top right), professor of Economics, is recognized for helping his students make a personal connection with course material. He also stresses the need for students to enhance their résumés and job applications, provides opportunities to prepare them for professional careers, and “goes the extra mile” to help them succeed, not only in class, but also in the real world.

He'll begin a topic by providing a definition and then broaden the discussion to provide real-world context. “After that, I ask my students to provide their own examples before giving them my own example or story,” he said. “This way, the students take greater ownership of learning the material.”

"He really breaks the material into layman's terms,” one student said. Another said Jozefowicz "epitomizes what teaching at the college level is all about.”

Kostelnik (photo, bottom right) professor of Sport Management, “treats students as he would want professors to treat his own children while they are in college. He tries to make them comfortable in the classroom and makes it clear that he has time for their academic needs and personal concerns.”

“He cares about his students and understands that your major might not be what he is teaching,” one student said.

Kostelnik draws on his past experience managing sport facilities to provide real-world examples and a practical application of concepts needed to be successful in the sports industry. “I have students complete real work assignments in class. I also use a variety of techniques to connect with students to help students relax, laugh and connect with each other,” he said.

This latest recognition of IUP professors follows IUP's recent inclusion in the U.S. News & World Report list of top doctoral universities for 2012, the Princeton Review's Best Colleges Guide for 2011, and the Forbes list of “ America's Top Colleges" for 2011.