From left: Lori Lombard, Kelli Paquette, and Fredalene Bowers

Three Indiana University of Pennsylvania professors have been recognized by the IUP Center for Teaching Excellence.

Dr. Fredalene Bowers, a professor of Human Development and Environmental Studies, was recognized for academic advising and mentoring.

Dr. Lori Lombard, a Speech-Language Pathology professor, and Dr. Kelli R. Paquette, a faculty member in the Professional Studies in Education Department, were recognized for content pedagogy, the use of techniques that are especially effective in teaching content within a particular discipline.

The awards are part of the Center for Teaching Excellence's faculty recognition program, established by the Teaching Excellence Subcommittee of the Faculty Professional Development Committee. The awards acknowledge the multidimensional nature of the practice of teaching and the faculty excellence at IUP.

In her award nomination, Bowers was recognized for developing materials to advise, recruit, and mentor students more effectively.

Lombard was recognized in her nomination for her graduate course in speech disorders, which includes videoendoscopy samples and clinical anecdotes for each disorder, practical lab experiences in the acoustic and physiologic analysis of voice disorders, and a final exam with cumulative clinical application.

Paquette was recognized for coursework that included visits to several area schools; interaction with elementary students through buddy journals; writing, reading, and hands-on activities, including dialogue journals, with graduate-level students who acted as mentors; and visits to the Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County to learn how to use community resources.