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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Art Exhibition by Shayla Marsh

Annex Gallery, 1st Flr Sprowls Hall

The Lively Arts

This exhibit runs from September 8th through October 2nd 

This event is free admission. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The exhibition “Brita d’Agostino: Reconstructing Desires” focuses on the act of cultural consumption by transforming print media targeted towards women into dynamic and semi-abstract collages as installations. Informed by historical art movements and contemporary practice, Brita d’Agostino reimagines the visual language of glamour magazines into hybridized collaged forms created both intentionally and intuitively. This online exhibition is a virtual installation designed specifically for the Kipp Gallery at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Through her process d’Agostino explores the visual design and patterns embedded in a social system of images carefully constructed to elicit desire in consumers. She is deconstructing and recombining surfaces, subverting the original meaning of the images through her own aesthetic investigations. Her playful synthesis of her source material into new forms and presented in a different context offers a fresh perspective of the content for the audience. The end result is a combination of shapes and color that borders on abstraction, yet incorporates elements of contemporary American consumer culture.

Exhibit Dates: September 15th-October 31st

Monday, September 21, 2020

Charles Coleman, Health and Wellness peer educator, will offer inspiration to help you make the best of your week.

Join him on Instagram: @IUPAWARE & @IUPRANGER1

Faculty begin entering mid-term grades Monday, September 21, 2020. Additional dates of importance can be viewed on the Academic Calendar.

Public Reading of the Constitution--participate in person!

In-person: Oak Grove, in front of library; Or watch live using links in description

Political Science Department

Students, staff, faculty and the community are invited to commemorate Constitution Day--the day when the U.S. Constitution was signed--by publicly reading the U.S. Constitution.  Starting with the Preamble, read by President Driscoll, 100 people will each read a passage through until the last amendment -- the 27th Amendment -- is read.    Participants will receive a pocket Constitution, a "We the People at IUP" t-shirt, and a red, white and blue cookie.

Want to be a reader?

In-person readers:  Just show up anytime between noon and 1 p.m., and you'll be given a passage of the Constitution to read.  While you wait in line, please stand on the chalk marks, which will help us maintain social distancing.

Remote readers:  Zoom in anytime between noon and 1 p.m., and you will be assigned a portion of the Constitution to read, and your voice will be heard in the Oak Grove, in between in-person readers.  Remote reader Zoom link.

Watch remotely:  Or you can watch the entire event live-streamed.

Check out the flipgrid videos created by our Black and Brown student led organizations!

Zoom ID: 980 6363 9075

The IUP Career and Professional Development Center, in cooperation with TWC, offers internships in Washington, DC, a city unique in its status as our nation’s capital. As the epicenter of American government, Washington is a natural setting for political study. Beyond the political and government realm, however, Washington is also home to hundreds of major corporations, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, and agencies. Zoom link.

For more than 230 years, new generations have tested the framework of government outlined in the US Constitution. But this year’s events have presented constitutional challenges so great that some question whether the Constitution can continue to effectively serve the needs of our society. Come ask the authors of the 1787 Constitution what they think. What did they hope to accomplish with the Constitution? Do they think that it’s time to draft a new governing document? Why did they allow the Constitution to cast a blind eye toward racial inequality? To commemorate National Constitution Day, we’ll have four of the authors of the Constitution to discuss the work they did in writing the Constitution, and to talk to you directly.

Join us via Zoom!