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Monday, April 27, 2020

Come hang out and play or listen as others jam at open mic night sponsored by BACCHUS.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Join Mel Robbins for one of the best talks ever on self-motivation.

Join Mel Robbins for one of the best talks ever on self-motivation.

Alleghany County Public Schools (VA). Teacher positions in Secondary Math, Secondary Science, CTE Family and Consumer Sciences, Special Education, and Elementary Education. Zoom session


Is it your time to quit nicotine? Join us and learn how you can make it happen.

VIP NCCC. All majors. We represent the federal government for the NCCC and FEMA programs nationally. These provide paid training and leadership development opportunities for college students and new graduates from every US state and territory. The programs also count as relevant work experience towards federal employment applications. Must be US citizen or have permanent residency status. Must be able to pass basic federal background investigation for low level clearance. Zoom session

University Senate Meeting

Eberly Auditorium

University Senate

  • The University Senate serves as the academic governing body for IUP.
  • The senate provides the forum where issues related to the welfare of the university as a whole are discussed and debated with all stakeholders participating.
  • Senators are primarily elected and come from all areas of the campus community—faculty, administrators, students, staff, and alumni.
  • Meetings of the whole senate take place each month, September through April.
  • Committees meet as often as weekly to handle much of the work of the senate.