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Friday, February 14, 2020

Exhibit: Associated Artists of Pittsburgh presents: Lost in the Flood

Kipp Gallery & Kipp Annex Gallery located on the first floor of Sprowls Hall

The Lively Arts

The exhibition features works by thirteen members of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh.

The exhibition is on view at Kipp Gallery, located on the first floor of Sprowls Hall, from January 21 – February 14, 2020.

Kipp Gallery Hours: Tues - Fri: Noon - 4 pm

IUP students can be entered into a drawing for a $10 co-op gift card by following either “Life Without Drugs at IUP” on Twitter or “iuplifewithoutdrugs” on Instagram or both.

Tobacco Cessation Meeting

G60 Suites on Maple East

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Office

Interested in quitting vaping or smoking?  We offer free nicotine replacement therapy, a quit plan tailored to your needs, supportive coaching and guidance, and stress management tips. Classes conducted by Diana Mihalcik, Adagio Health.  Register by calling 724-357-1265, emailing atod-oasis@iup.edu, or texting 724-541-6997.

Geoscience students and those interested in geoscience are welcome to attend Dr. Destenie Nock’s talk. Nock is an assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, and in engineering and public policy (at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research is focused on applying optimization and decision analysis tools to evaluate the sustainability and reliability of the electricity grid in disparate energy systems.  Specifically, she uses mathematics to answer questions like “how can we make power systems more sustainable and equitable?”

This is part of our regular Geoscience Seminar Series.

Professor Jay Mills of the Psychology Department will present a talk about The Report—not the recent (must-see) movie, but about the 2015 Hoffman Report that followed the 2014 New York Times revelation of psychologists’ involvement in the torture of detainees after the attacks of 9/11.

With so much “Breaking News” these days, it might be easy to miss the renewed accounts of involvement of psychologists in designing and implementing the so-called “enhanced interrogation” techniques, a twisted euphemism for torture. Professor Mills will guide our revisit to this dark story so it will not be easily forgotten.

“Reflections on the Hoffman Report” by Jay Mills in the Pennsylvania Psychologist

Winter Warm-up is an opportunity to network and connect with student leaders and organizations.  With over 120 organization in attendance, participants have an opportunity to find an organization or community to join, that fits what they need.  If you are unable to attend, please go to Crimsonconnect (www.iup.edu/crimsonconnect) to find active recognized student organizations.

Theater: Mummenschanz you & me

Fisher Auditorium, IUP Performing Arts Center

The Lively Arts

Mummenschanz has become synonymous with magic. By creating a playful yet compelling experience through the inventive use of shadow, light, and creative manipulation of objects, Mummenschanz offers a stunning spectacle that transcends cultural barriers and sparks the imagination. The Swiss-based theater troupe has pioneered a new form of visual theater that has been dazzling audiences worldwide for more than 45 years.

Their most recent program, “you & me” features new performers bringing to life their larger-than-life creations right before your very eyes. Allow your imagination to flourish and fantasy to bloom as you encounter a world of extreme creativity. Experience the life of an oversized frog contemplating dinner and a graceful swan gliding across the waterless stage. Escape to an underwater world to encounter jellyfish and seahorses in their natural habitat. Enjoy, also, the traditional acrobatics of their classic sketches that have stood the test of time. A perfect setting for a magical Valentine’s Day for all ages.

Get tickets here.

More information about this event.

Intensity - The IUP Chamber Percussion Ensemble Concert

DiCicco Hall, 121 Cogswell Hall

The Lively Arts

This concert features members of the IUP Percussion Studio performing a variety of percussion chamber ensemble and solo literature.

Free Admission.