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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Silent Witness Display

HSS- 1st floor lobby

Haven Project Events

Silent Witness Display for October's Domestic Violence Awareness MonthSilent Witness Display flyer

Visit the HSS first floor lobby from October 24th through October 30th to view the Silent Witness Display.  Learn about their stories and resources for help in our area. 

A Silent Witness is as silhouette with the true story of an adult or child that was killed by domestic violence.  Many people die each year in acts of domestic violence in the United States.  Each person has a story.*

*Trigger Warning*Stories contain descriptive themes of sexual and domestic violence, including child abuse.  Please do not read the stories if such topics trigger you or make you upset.

For more information, please visit The Haven Project website or send an email to The Haven Project.

To learn more about the Silent Witness Display, visit the Silent Witness National Initiative website.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Pushing Petals

Kipp Gallary, First Floor Spowls Hall

The Lively Arts

In the exhibit "Pushing Petals" the work of Jillian Dickson and Elaine Quave examines human cycles of birth and death and the connection between the human body and wild nature. These artists fuse nature and the human body together to function and be understood as a singular unit and to help us recognize that we are dependent on the ecosystems around us for our sustenance and survival.

Intrusion is a solo play with eight characters played by Qurrat Ann Kadwani. Twenty years in the future, sexual violence has been eradicated until one woman comes forward about her rape.

Audiences of all backgrounds and ages can see how we all contribute to the perpetuation of rape culture by understanding how this event affects different sectors of our society. The Narrator is a college student who motivates the audience to speak up and finds her voice. Other characters include Journalist, Prosecutor, Daytrader, Politician, Psychologist, 3rd Grader, and Professor who help the audience learn about sexual violence statistics, Title IX history, self-defense moves, and the complexity of sexual violence against women.

Open Mic Night

HUB Ohio Room

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Office

Open Mic Night presented by BACCHUS.