Students getting costumes ready

Portfolio Presentation Guidelines for Scholarship Consideration

1. Tell Us About You

Prepare a brief statement, just a couple of minutes long, summarizing your artistic, mechanical, and/or management/organizational abilities. You may read this or memorize it.

2. Show Us Your Stuff

As visual aids to your statement, create a portfolio of examples from two or three achievements. They will show your graphic, mechanical, and/or organizational skills. These examples may be from any activity, not just theatrical productions. Materials might include:

  1. Photos of sets, costumes, or props which you helped to design, build, or paint
  2. Equipment or mechanical devices you have created and/or repaired
  3. Examples of home construction projects
  4. Samples of sewing and craftwork
  5. Freehand or mechanical drawings (class projects or from your own practice)
  6. Lighting plots which you helped to design or hang
  7. Prompt books you used as assistant director or stage manager
  8. Prop lists and organizational charts
  9. Publicity/program material you designed

You should prepare your examples for presentation using binders, display boards, or some other device. The way you organize and present your materials can say as much about you as what you are presenting.

3. Rehearse and Time Your Presentation

The total time you have for this presentation is five minutes. This is the maximum time allowed, so anything under this time is greatly encouraged! If we have specific questions or want to look further at something, we'll talk with you more after your presentation.

Don't Worry!

Consider the presentation as a learning process to help you explore the next step in your training career. We look forward to meeting you at IUP, and wish you good luck!

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Jones at