MA in Music Performance Curriculum

Two students play violins or violas in a rehearsal.

This degree focuses on private lessons and ensemble performance. The degree culminates in a recital, and students may choose an optional thesis as well.  

Program Requirements

Master of Arts in Music Performance (31cr) 

I. Core Courses 9cr

MUSC 516 Analytical Techniques (3cr)

MUSC 632 Bibliography of Music  (3cr)

And one of the following Graduate Music History Courses:

MUHI 503, 504, 525, 520, or 521 (3cr)

II. Music Performance Specialization Applied Music Courses 12cr

APMU 601-771 (4 cr.) each (12cr)

III. Music Performance Specialization Electives* 6cr

APMU, MUSC or MUHI prefix, 500 or above 6cr

IV. Music Performance Specialization Culminating Project 4cr

APMU 740 Graduate Recital (4cr)


*MUSC 575 may only be taken for a maximum of four elective credits.