Absences/Professional Leave

Faculty should enter all sick leave and personal days through the State System Employee Self-Service system.

Faculty who will be attending conferences, guest conducting, recruiting off-campus, etc. must submit a Professional Development Leave Form at least two weeks in advance of their planned absence. This triplicate form is available in the Music office. Please provide a description of how courses will be covered during your absence, and by whom (where applicable). Please submit to the department chair secretary for approval.

Accompanying Policies

MUSC 137 Accompanying Procedures (PDF)

General Accompanying Guidelines (PDF)


The department chair secretary must enter all requisitions for online or print advertising at least one month in advance of the advertising deadline. Please allow enough lead time for processing, and submit the following information via email to the department chair secretary:

  • Rate card/invoice
  • Specs/dimensions of ad size
  • Advertisement copy
  • Any additional items to be included (logos, QR codes for Facebook and Twitter, photos, etc.)

For complete instructions, please contact Procurement Services.

Advising Resources

Campus Resources

IUP Counseling Center

IUP Police Emergency Plan


The university requires that catering for all events being held on campus must be done through Aramark. This includes student recital receptions, especially those wishing to be held in the Blue Room. All requests for catering will need to be approved by the department chair and processed by the department chair secretary. Aramark's catering website.


Faculty should make all requests for computer and technical support through the IT Support Center's help desk at ihelp. This requires a network login and password. Please do not email IT Support directly unless specifically requested to do so.


The department currently leases two copiers. Both are very expensive, and we not only pay for the leasing and maintenance, but per copy (B/W and color). Please be reminded of federal copyright laws—only use the copy machines for course preparation and not for personal use. Color copies are particularly expensive, so please ask one of the department secretaries if you need to make color copies, and they will provide you with the access code.

Music office student workers will be glad to assist faculty with copy requests. Please fill out the copy request information form (located on the student worker desk) and provide specific instructions as requested. Please also allow sufficient lead time (depending on how large the job is) for processing.

Students are not permitted (except for student workers or graduate assistants) to use the copy machines, so faculty should not send them to make copies for themselves. There are machines located in the Orendorff Music Library for student use.

Equipment Purchases

All music and equipment must be purchased via requisition or purchasing card and processed by the department chair secretary. Faculty cannot purchase materials and request reimbursement.

Please request approval from the department chair and provide the following information to the department chair secretary at least three to four weeks in advance of when the music or equipment is needed:

  • Invoice (requisitions only)
  • Vendor name
  • Vendor contact information (website address, mailing address, phone and fax numbers)
  • Item #
  • Price
  • Any additional pertinent information

Equipment Repairs

Any repairs to equipment must be done as a service contract through the Office of Procurement Services. First, an estimate must be obtained from the service provider-it must be on official company stationary and contain the word "ESTIMATE." Then the department chair secretary will enter a requisition for services. ONLY once approval is obtained from Procurement Services can the actual repair work begin. Failure to follow this procedure places us in an "after—the-fact" scenario, and we receive threatening letters about breach of protocol from the university administration.
Faculty cannot pay for repairs and request reimbursement.

Faculty Meeting

2019-20 dates to be published.


Faculty should be careful not to provide information about a student's academic progress to anyone, parent or otherwise, unless permission is granted as per the university's guidelines.


Faculty members are required to follow instructions and deadlines for posting student grades during each academic term. Reminder emails are typically sent by the Registrar's office each semester, and deadlines can also be found in MyIUP and the Academic Calendar.


Guidelines for the University Senate Research Committee grant process can be found here: Senate Grant Guidelines.

Grant awards (including matches from department and college) are put into a special SAP account attached to the awardee. This information is provided to each faculty member with the award notification, so please be prepared to provide this information to the department chair secretary when payments from this grant account are requested. The processes and deadlines for travel, equipment purchase, honorariums, etc. are the same as listed in other sections of this handbook.

Guest Artist Honorariums

Faculty should obtain a speaker/consultant information form from the department chair secretary and submit it along with an invoice from the guest artist when requesting payment. The invoice must include the date of services, the amount of the honorarium (approved in advance by the department chair), and a description of the "services" rendered.

Please allow four to six weeks for processing PRIOR to the date the check should be delivered or mailed.


Faculty who need replacement keys should request this of the department secretary in charge of the key inventory. If the required key is not readily available, a request will then need to be submitted to the IUP locksmith. Please allow one to two weeks for processing. All student requests for keys must be approved in writing (email will suffice) by their faculty adviser and submitted to the department secretary.

All students (except graduate assistants who needs keys to perform their assistantship duties) will need to pay a $25 refundable deposit, in cash, before a key can be issued.

Music Purchases

See Equipment Purchases guidelines.

Office Supplies/Printer Cartridges

The supply closet in the music office contains basic office supplies such as paper, pens, envelopes, letterhead, paperclips, etc. Please help yourself to these supplies as needed for your professional duties. If you take the last of any item, please notify the department secretary in charge of the office supplies inventory so that item can be re-ordered.

If you are in need of a printer cartridge, please see the department secretary for assistance as we maintain this inventory more carefully due to the number and variety of faculty printers.

Piano Tuning and Service Requests

Faculty should contact our piano technician, Dan Alberts, directly with any requests for tuning or service. The piano service help desk is no longer operational. Please give him sufficient notice so that he is able to provide the best possible service. Dan Alberts can be reached at:

Email: dalberts@iup.edu
Phone: 724-357-3768
Room: Cogswell 136


Off-campus mail (excluding personal mail) should have a departmental mailing label which includes the department's SAP cost center, or faculty members should write the cost code on the envelope. Please also put your name on the return address label so that, if a problem occurs, the staff can return it to the appropriate person.


All requests for printing need to receive approval from the department chair and be accompanied by an IUP Print Center request form. The department secretaries will process printing requests.

Professional Development and Evaluation

Professional Development and Evaluation Handbook(pdf)

Applied Lesson Observation Form(docx)

Classroom Observation Form(docx)

Ensemble Observation Form(docx)

PD&E Letter Template(docx)

Room Reservation (Cogswell/Gorell/Fisher)

Faculty and students should use 25Live for non-performance room reservations in Cogswell. Use this Microsoft Form to reserve Gorell, Fisher, and Cogswell rooms for performances. Faculty may begin scheduling recitals for the academic year on June 1. Here is an unofficial list of performances.

Telephone/Email Directory

Faculty list

Travel (Faculty and Student)

All approved faculty travel will be reimbursed through a travel voucher. Once the travel voucher has been submitted to the IUP Travel Office, please allow a two- to three-week processing time. Itemized receipts for all expenses must be provided. Please note the following specifics below:

Please see the department chair secretary for help with the travel voucher instead of filling it out on your own.

  • Airfare and Hotel — provide a receipt which shows the amount of the fare/bill as paid in addition to the payment information (last four digits of credit card number is sufficient)
  • Meals — faculty must provide an itemized receipt in addition to payment information in order to be reimbursed; alcohol is not able to be reimbursed under any circumstance
  • Conference Registration — provide a receipt which shows the contact information for the conference as well as payment information
  • Parking and Tolls — provide receipt with payment information
  • Mileage/Gas/Per Diem — written pre-approval must be obtained from the department chair, and the standard mileage rate is not necessarily guaranteed

Student travel should be approved by the department chair and booked in advance by the department chair secretary where possible. Otherwise, students will need to provide the same documentation for a travel voucher as required of faculty above. Faculty should not upfront costs for students as they cannot be reimbursed.

Vehicle Requests

The university no longer has fleet vehicles for faculty use, and IUP now has an exclusive contract with Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Faculty needing a vehicle must first make a request through the department chair and, if approved, work with the department secretary to make a reservation with Enterprise. Faculty should not call Enterprise directly and make a reservation. Enterprise will need specific information from the department in order to complete the transaction.

Requests will be approved pending funding and in order of priority (student teaching, recruitment opportunities, etc.).

Vocal and Hearing Health

Hearing Health(pdf)

Vocal Health(pdf)

Vocal Health bookmark(pdf)

Work Orders

Faculty should submit work order requests to the department secretary via email. Please include a complete description of the problem (i.e., specific location, exact temperature reading instead of "too hot" or "too cold," etc.).