Cogswell Hall Exterior WinterDirections from Parking Garage to Cogswell Hall

There is a parking garage, located next to Cogswell Hall, that is very convenient for lessons and ensemble classes.

There are two entrances to the parking garage on Grant Street and on Papermill St. Grant and Papermill streets can be accessed from Oakland Drive on the west side of the IUP campus. Once in the parking garage, drive to the third floor or above and park in a non-reserved space. Non-reserved spaces are free after 5:00 p.m. Before 5:00, you will need to pay for parking at one of the parking meter stations. Make note of the parking space number when you park, as you will need that number in order to pay at the parking pay station. Make sure not to park in reserved spaces at any time, or you may be ticketed.

After parking, proceed to Level 3 by stairs or elevator. At the elevator on the third floor will be one of the parking pay stations and an exit to street level. As you exit the parking garage on the third floor, Cogswell Hall will be to your left. The front entrance of Cogswell is straight ahead on 11th St.

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