Middle States Accreditation IUP Self Study 2013-2016 The IUP Middle States Accreditation 2016 subcommittees implement the university wide Self-Study, evaluating IUP on the 14 standards in the Middle States Commission of Higher Education Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education, and prepare the report that will be presented to the MSCHE evaluation team.

For answers to your questions about accreditation review, please e-mail middle-states@iup.edu.

Subcommittee 1
Mission, Goals, and Integrity

Standards 1 and 6

Bill Balint , William.Balint@iup.edu, Chief Information Officer
Fredalene Bowers , Fredalene.Bowers@iup.edu, Council of Chairs Representative, Faculty, Human Development and Environmental Studies, College of Health and Human Services

Subcommittee 2
Planning, Resources, and Institutional Renewal

Standards 2 and 3

John Kilmarx , John.Kilmarx@iup.edu, Associate Vice President for Academic Administration
Shari Robertson , Shari.Robertson, Dean's Associate, School of Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty, Department of Communication Disorders, Special Education, and Disability Services, College of Education and Communications

Subcommittee 3
Leadership, Governance, and Administration

Standards 4 and 5

Yaw Asamoah , Yaw.Asamoah@iup.edu, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Edel Reilly , Edel.Reilly@iup.edu, Faculty, Department of Mathematics, Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Subcommittee 4
Student Admissions, Retention, and Support Services

Standards 8 and 9

Kate Linder , Kathleen.Linder@iup.edu, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, University and Community Engagement
Jack Makara , Jack.Makara@iup.edu, Senior Coordinator for Assessment, Division of Student Affairs

Subcommittee 5
Faculty and Educational Offerings

Standards 10 and 11

Steve Hovan , Steven.Hovan@iup.edu , Faculty, Department of Geoscience, KopchickCollege of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Ramesh Soni , Ramesh.Soni@iup.edu, APSCUF Representative, Faculty, Department of Management, Eberly College of Business

Subcommittee 6
General Education and Related Educational Activities

Standards 12 and 13

Terry Appolonia , Terry.Appolonia@iup.edu, Dean, Punxsutawney Campus
Gail Wilson , B.G.Wilson@iup.edu, Faculty, Department of Communication Media, College of Education and Communications

Subcommittee 7
Institutional Assessment and Student Learning Assessment

Standards 7 and 14

Barbe Moore , Barbara.Moore@iup.edu, Director of Planning and Assessment
Timothy Runge , Timothy.Runge@iup.edu, Faculty, Department of Educational and School Psychology, College of Education and Communications