Co-Curricular Transcript

  • IUP Ambassadors Celebrate Philanthropy Day 2013Research continues to confirm that students who become involved in experiences outside the classroom receive a deeper, richer, more satisfying, and more holistic learning experience than those students who are less involved.

    Examples of such experiences include, but are not limited to, participation in: (a) living-learning communities, (b) student clubs and organizations, (c) volunteer work and service projects, and (d) workshops and training programs. Additionally, the transcript can be used to record formal student recognitions and awards, as well as other achievements.

    IUP has created a co-curricular transcript, which allows individuals to track their experiences and accomplishments as a student. By comparison, an academic transcript is a very straightforward tabloid which contains the results of academic coursework. However, the co-curricular transcript is a tabloid of experiences and achievements that complements the academic record and helps capture a student’s full IUP experience.

    The co-curricular transcript application can be accessed using the following steps:

    • Log onto URSA
    • Click on the “Student Services” tab
    • Choose “Co-Curricular Transcript”

    Once in the application, you have the ability to add a co-curricular activity, update/review/remove an activity, or generate an unofficial Co-Curricular Transcript. To add an item, enter the following:

    • Date and term of experience
    • Description of experience
    • Primary/secondary type of activity (This will help you group experiences into specific categories to assist with resume development at a later date.)

    The types (categories) of experiences and some examples are as follows: (Note that the examples indicated below are not an exhaustive list, but illustrate some of the types of experiences that can be included.)

    Type of Experience Examples
    Living-Learning   Attendance or participation in residence hall programs and activities, serving as a community assistant or office worker
    Career Development Internships, summer job related to education or career, volunteer work, field trips, attend conference for education/career
    Communications Skills Class presentations, website development, Twitter feeds, audio or video clip development
    The Arts Attendance at Lively Arts event; perform in a play, recital, or concert; exhibit one’s artwork
    Global and Cultural Awareness Study abroad program, events sponsored through Office of International Education, language clubs
    Initiative and Drive Special projects, undergraduate research, leadership with a club or organization
    Personal Wellness Intramurals, yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices, dance club, varsity sports, aerobics
    Sustainability Membership in ECO, recycling projects, involvement with residential energy project
    Service to Others Volunteer work or public service, involvement with a university-sponsored service project such as Into the Streets or Kids Read
    Honors and Awards Academic recognition, Chacivity award, certificate of achievement or appreciation, formal recognition from a club or organization