About the Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement

  • The Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement (MCSLE) houses four interworking offices: Fraternity/Sorority Life and Student Engagement, Multicultural Affairs and Student Success, Programming and Events, and Student Leadership and New Student Success.

    Mission and Vision

    MCSLE provides inclusive student services and programs and maximizes potential collaboration between diverse student populations and recognized student organizations. The nature of the center encourages programming that is wide-ranging, capitalizes on shared resources for the benefit of serving all students, encourages mindful collaboration of the importance of inclusion in multicultural programs, and allows more purposeful planning of events through a unified calendar. MCSLE reflects Middle States Accreditation review recommendations, as well as interviews with faculty and staff.

    MCSLE is comprised of four offices working together to support the mission and vision of the university and the Student Affairs Division by empowering students, individually and collectively, to participate in intentional and interconnected learning, leadership, engagement, and multicultural experiences. MCSLE provides opportunities for students to develop skills that enhance lifelong problem-solving, relationship-building, communication, and decision-making abilities in our complex, diverse society. Staff members encourage students to forge positive relationships with their peers, develop and enhance an appreciation for diversity, and to participate in values-based recognized student organizations, university traditions, and fraternal experiences.

    MCSLE also promotes the development of a university community characterized by student involvement, unity, inclusion, and multicultural competence, while respecting and supporting the needs and desires of members of affinity groups to gather and celebrate distinctive cultural backgrounds, traditions, and experiences in safe spaces.