Sean Daugherty of Metron, Inc. will give a presentation on "Airspace Applications of Machine Learning" on Tuesday, April 11, at 3:45 in Jane Leonard Hall, room 225.

Daugherty will discuss some examples of machine learning that he has applied to airspace data that is generated by aircraft flying in the US airspace. This provides many opportunities to improve safety and efficiency. He will show how in-flight models predict where aircraft will fly, alert on anomalous behaviors, and alert when aircraft are expected to get too close. Daugherty will also discuss how pre-flight analytics can recommend methods to address severe weather and how post-flight analytics can identify unusual patterns of behavior or explain the causes of events.

Sean Daugherty is a senior research scientist at Metron, Inc. in Reston, Virginia, a scientific consulting company dedicated to solving challenging problems in national defense. Daugherty has an undergraduate degree in computer science from Clemson University, a master's degree in mathematical sciences from Clemson, and a PhD in computer science from the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada).

Daugherty's visit is sponsored by the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and the SCOAM-Scholars program.