Yong Colen, a faculty member in the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, published "An Introduction to the Edumatrix Set and Its Didactic Capabilities" in the Journal of the Korean Society of Mathematical Education, Series D: Research in Mathematical Education.

Colen collaborated with Mikhail Semenov (Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia), Jung Colen (an IUP alumna, St. Margaret's School), and Antony Pardala (Rzeszw University of Technology, Poland) on the article.

Learning through "recreational mathematics" has become a meaningful outlet to children of all ages. The Edumatrix set is a didactic tool for the development of logical and abstract reasoning among students.

In this paper, the authors provide several illustrative exercises involving Edumatrix that teachers can utilize in their classrooms. They formulate students' expected learning outcomes by aligning each exercise to the Common Core content standards as well as examining which Standards for Mathematical Practices their exercises promote.

The article is available at the Korean Society of Mathematical Education website.

Yong Colen received his doctorate in mathematics education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Previously, he taught at Hawken School, Ohio, and Monroe College, New York. Recent professional work includes providing workshops for teachers at DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity) schools in Okinawa, Japan, and Daegu, South Korea, and a J. William Fulbright Specialist Program Fellowship for Tomsk International Science Program at Tomsk State University, Russian Federation.

His current projects include researching students' demonstration of their standard multiplication algorithm and teachers' understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.