This summer, there will be changes to the workflow and publishing schedule for the CMS website to accommodate the Academic Restructuring website work to be done.

Starting May 20, same-day workflow review and publishing will be suspended. Access to the CMS will remain open for editing, but review and publishing of submissions will happen as time allows.

We encourage you to make only necessary/urgent updates to the site. If you have submissions that need reviewed and published urgently, please submit an ihelp ticket and we will process it as quickly as we are able.

Access to academic department sites will be limited during periods when the Digital Team is editing individual sites. We'll work with the chair and maintainers to coordinate blackout dates.

Since members of the Digital Team will be working on updates to academic department sites for academic restructuring, we will have limited capacity to answer ihelp or email requests for support.

Other websites will not be impacted by editing blackouts, but will be impacted by the workflow changes.

If you have a project you/your maintainers were planning to work on over the summer, please reach out to Jessie Groll at to discuss.

The restructuring web work will take place during May, June, and July, and we estimate a return to the normal schedule in mid-to-late July at the latest. We'll share updates through the summer as needed, and when normal workflow and publishing resumes.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support during this major update to the website.