Working with Marketing and Communications

  • In our effort to build a new IUP brand, the ways in which we work with partners across campus are changing. If we truly want to build an identity of who we are and how we want to present ourselves to the world, we cannot continue to act as the publications office of the university.

    Instead, we want to partner with you.

    Rather than taking in marketing requests on a piece-by-piece basis, we want to understand why you are marketing or communicating and what your goals are. We will then take that knowledge to work with you to develop a plan that helps you achieve those goals. The print materials, websites, digital campaigns, videos, photography, etc. will come next. But we want to (and need to) put strategy first.

    Design Approvals and Guidance

    When you develop your own publications and order your own branded materials, you need approvals from the IUP Printing Center and Procurement Services. Both offices are working directly with us to ensure that any work representing IUP reflects our brand vision for the university.

    That means logos, fliers, T-shirts, etc. you plan to order starting this fall might deserve another look. Approvals from past years will no longer be accepted. As our brand launches, reach out to our brand management team for help with the appropriate artmarks, fonts, and visuals.

    Website Updates and Changes

    Comprehensive website updates need to be strategic. We need to understand factors like audience expectations and how individual pages might appear in Google searches. That’s why we are treating every request to make significant changes to your website as a new marketing project. Reach out to one of our brand managers to start the conversation.

    There will be times at which you simply need to update facts on your web pages. Access to your office or department page will remain the same as it has been. You can still create news, events, and edit non-program landing pages as needed. As you have in the past, please submit an ihelp ticket if you need to make any changes to your program’s landing pages.

    Should we determine the changes to be more strategic in nature, we reserve the right to elevate the request to a full marketing project. Requests that may involve major changes in content or structure may also be elevated to a full marketing project.

    Working with the Brand Management Team on Your Initiatives

    Our brand management team is your point of contact for all marketing-related questions and initiatives. We’ll be happy to walk you through our processes, explain our brand strategy, and partner on projects.

  • Simon Stuchlik

     Simon  Stuchlik

    Executive Director of Brand Management
    Sutton Hall, Rm. 312

    Nikki Knox

     Nikki  Knox

    Assistant Director of Brand Strategy
    Sutton Hall, Rm. 316

    Molly Russell

     Molly  Russell

    Assistant Director of Brand Strategy
    Sutton Hall, Rm. 322

  • If you’re unsure who you should reach out to, please send an email to We look forward to working with you!