About the Department of Management

  • Students During a Management LectureMission Statement

    The mission of the Department of Management is to serve a broad group of stakeholders, which principally includes our students, the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology (ECOBIT), Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), the local and state communities, the departmental faculty, and the businesses and organizations that employ our graduates. In order to serve these constituents, we are actively involved in the three highly interrelated endeavors of teaching and fulfillment of professional responsibilities, scholarly activities, and service to the university community and beyond. As a measure of success, we meet and exceed the standards set forth by the relevant accrediting bodies in addition to supporting the ECOBIT and IUP missions. We ambitiously and enthusiastically pursue these endeavors through the effective and efficient utilization of our resources, particularly people and technology.

    Effective Teaching and Student Development

    The department is committed to providing undergraduate and graduate education, executive education, and training for professionals in business and other organizations in management disciplines. We provide high-quality, relevant education to our students while emphasizing the learning of the body of knowledge of the management disciplines as well as critical and integrative thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills, effective oral and written communication, interpersonal skills, positive attitude, technology, and overall commitment to lifetime learning.

    The department believes in continually updating its curriculum with respect to content and pedagogy while being committed to continuously improving quality of education and attracting a growing national and international student body. In addition to excelling in classroom course delivery, the faculty is committed to providing academic and career advising to students, providing students with opportunities for experiential education, and encouraging participation in professional student organizations and other professional and extracurricular activities.

    Scholarly Growth

    We encourage and support continuing scholarly growth of faculty for the purpose of enhancing teaching, personal/professional development, and providing contributions to the management field.


    We provide support and governance for the department, college, and university and also provide services to the business community and the community at large through our comprehensive outreach activities.


    We maintain our proficiency in rapidly changing technology for the purpose of integrating it in our curriculum and in delivery of our courses, as well as in our scholarly and service efforts.


    At the core of achieving our mission is the effective utilization of our human resources. We continue to recruit and develop people who share this mission and the values of the Department of Management and the university at large.


    Our mission will be accomplished by:

    • Excellence in the classroom from faculty members and students.
    • Constant program and curriculum review with student outcome assessment. (For example, conducting senior surveys, analyzing survey data obtained by career services, and utilizing the feedback from the department’s advisory council, which is composed of some departmental alumni).
    • Maintaining faculty currency in the field through publication generation, lifetime learning, consulting, editing and reviewing, and service.
    • Preparing students to survive and thrive in a global business environment.
    • Linking faculty members and students with the business community to help maintain currency and develop networks and relationships among faculty members, students, and the community.
    • Maintaining high standards of recruitment and selection of both faculty members and students by enrollment management, enforcing junior standing policy, and QPA requirements.
    • Meeting accreditation standards and exceeding expectations of our stakeholders.
    • Actively participating in the regional economic development and outreach activities through the Eberly College’s umbrella organization, the Management Services Group.
    • Continuing to enhance the department’s emphasis on international and technological aspects in the curriculum, research, and infrastructure.