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Brian Deutsch

After four-and-a-half years in South Korea, Brian Deutsch ’05 returned to Pittsburgh in February 2010. While teaching English in South Korea, he also contributed to several local newspapers and magazines and maintained a blog on South Korean culture, education, and events that averaged roughly 1,500 visitors a day.

“In January I had photographs and an interview published in a guidebook to living in South Korea, Moon Living Abroad in South Korea” Deutsch said. The book shares “insider secrets” on moving to South Korea. Many of the photographs used in the book appeared previously on his blog, Brian in Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla—a province in the southwest of South Korea).

“In February, a local newspaper, the Korea Times, published an article on me to discuss my blog and my thoughts on living, working, and writing in South Korea.” The article, noting that Deutsch’s blog was occasionally quoted in mainstream Korean media, also revealed that he was voted the Angriest Korea Blogger in the Golden Klog Awards, held by English language blog the Hub of Sparkle! He also won the Most Thought Provoking Blogger award.

Follow the links above to read more about Deutsch and his fascinating story, including his fear of leaving a “void” in both the national and provincial blogosphere when he stops blogging because some of the things he discusses, even beyond tourist and festival coverage, are not being addressed by anyone else.

(February 2010)