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Twenty-six years ago, these seven women lived in Mack, Stewart, and Turnbull halls in their freshman and sophomore years. They then moved off campus to live together on South 9th Street, and have stayed in touch ever since despite being spread out over the east coast.

Carole Drury ’84 sent in this photo of their latest reunion, this time at a bed and breakfast in Hagerstown, Md.
Front row, from left: Lisa Sommers-Diemert ’83, M’84, Tracy Stoyer-Lang ’83, Karen Yancosek-Dionise ’84, and Carole Austin-Drury ’84 
Back row, from left: Margit Hotz-Neiman ’83, Cathy Austin-Haas ’84, Lori Tallarico-Rodgers ’84

Twenty-six-year reunion

“We take turns planning the weekend. We try to get together annually, but it doesn’t always work,” Carole said.

Margit lives in Quakertown, Pa., Cathy in Ambler, Pa., Karen and Lisa in Pittsburgh, Lori and Tracy in the D.C. area, and Carole in New Jersey. Margit and Cathy are high school teachers (French and Special Ed respectively). Lisa runs her own coffee shop, Lori is in the computer business, and Carole is office administrator for a speech pathologist.

“Tracy and Karen work too, but honestly, we talk more about our personal lives than our careers,” Carole said. “We do a lot of talking about the great time we had at IUP. In fact, we never stop talking the whole time we’re together!

“We’ve been so lucky to be such great friends still after all these years, although we don't get to see each other very often. We were all in each other’s weddings, and now our children are going off to college and we are supporting each other through the tough times of our parents getting older.”

“This was a reunion celebrating a wonderful friendship that has lasted twenty-six years.” Carole added. “And hopefully we will all be friends for at least another twenty-six years!”

(December 2009)