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Staff Sergeant Hubbard ’08 and ARS Unit Helping Iraqi People

In June 2009, Staff Sergeant Charles Hubbard M’08 assisted in the rescue of five injured soldiers in Baghdad. Hubbard’s patrol was traveling along an Iraqi road when oncoming traffic caused one of the unit’s Humvees to roll upside down into a canal. All five of the soldiers were rescued safely. Read the full story at NationalGuard.com.

Hubbard, a ten-year National Guard veteran, is with the 1-150th Armored Reconnaissance Squadron (ARS), a cavalry unit based out of Bluefield, WV. The unit is working on numerous projects to assist the people of Iraq in improving their ability to self-govern. Captain Jason Webb, the S-1 personnel officer and public affairs officer with the 1-150th ARS, has worked closely with IUP in support of the Federal Tuition Assistance program. Webb sent the following message requesting assistance with the group’s projects. 


Our unit is working to improve the economic and living conditions of the Iraqi people, and we are providing security through the 2010 elections.

Some of you have asked how you can assist us, so I wanted to let you know a couple of ways you can help.

  1. We are currently working on renovation projects in five schools for Iraqi children within the Yusufiyah Nahia district. These schools would educate 4,000 children, but they are not allowed to attend unless they have school supplies. We are currently trying to gather supplies for these children. If any of your schools would like to send school supplies for these children, please feel free to send them to the following address:

    CPT Jason G. Webb
    HHT 1-150TH ARS
    APO AE 09322

    Types of supplies that are needed:
    • Rulers
    • Pencils
    • Pencil Sharpeners
    • Large Erasers
    • Colored pencils
    • Notebook Paper
    • Composition books
    • Folders w/ inside pockets
    • Zippered pencil bags
    • Blunt-end scissors
    • Backpacks
    • *Please no crayons...they would melt in the Iraqi summer heat!
  2. During our deployment, the CAV PRIDE Support Group will raise funds to ship care packages, send calling cards, take care of our soldiers’ families should there be unmet needs, and raise funds for our homecoming celebration. One of the group’s goals is to ensure that no soldier has to pay to attend a homecoming celebration held in his or her honor. If your college or university would like to donate to the CAV PRIDE Support Group, this donation would go to a great cause and be very appreciated. To make a donation to this cause, please contact Sheila Rakes at sheila.rakes@suddenlink.com.

Also, if you do provide support with either of the above, please contact me at jason.g.webb@us.army.mil so that I can write a story about your college or university for publication back in West Virginia and here in military publications in Iraq. We are very thankful for any help we can receive in either or both of these endeavors.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our soldiers!