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Wheitner is a Life Coach and Author

Dave Wheitner M’06 is a life coach based in Pittsburgh. Drawing on his background in coaching, counseling, and public policy/ management, he has written Naked Idealism: Expose Your Authentic Side and Create a Sustainable Life and World. Through the end of August 2008 (when the book will become broadly available), 20 percent of sales through nakedidealism.com will be donated to causes promoting progressive change.

Wheitner wrote the following note to Web Extra:Dave Wheitner

As some of you know, I’ve taken a large risk. Although Jen and I come from modest backgrounds and nobody has been paying me for this work, I’ve spent much of the last year writing a self-empowerment book—a book for socially conscious people who desire change in the world, but also want more direction, balance, or fulfillment in their personal lives. I believe that individual-level changes can improve our world tremendously, while I shudder to consider the alternative.

I’m glad I took this risk, because I had no idea that the book would end up being so relevant in so many ways. Alongside addressing a range of self-development topics, it ties into recent debates over global warming, health, economic uncertainty, same-sex marriage, race, gender, and even Oprah’s vegan experiment. As a further risk, I candidly expose some of my own attitudes and realizations that aren’t always PC and that may make many readers uncomfortable. But I hope it challenges many people—even the most well-intentioned do-gooders among us—to think and to become more powerful.

Now we very much need your help! Please visit http://nakedidealism.com to read free excerpts and consider investing in a copy. If the book brings anyone to mind, please forward this to them—or even buy a few books as gifts. If you know of media professionals who may wish to cover the book, organizations interested in bulk purchases, etc., please let me know!

Because the book also discusses giving, I’m putting our money where my pen is. For books purchased through nakedidealism.com through the end of August (when the book will become broadly available), we're donating 20 percent of profits to causes promoting progressive change. We’re also donating several dozen books for causes such as ending poverty housing, promoting sustainable transportation alternatives, and increasing racial diversity in a spiritual community.

Thanks, and I’d love to hear how the book helped you and/or someone you know!