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Haider Mullick 04


Haider Mullick ’04 (left), a research intern at the Woodrow Wilson Center, spoke with Senator Barack Obama after he delivered his speech at the center.

“His words about Pakistan were forceful,” said Mullick. “He said that the option of unilateral military action against Pakistan’s North Waziristan region—a place many believe to be a nest for Al-Qaeda elements—was on the table. I shook his hand and said, ‘My name is Haider Mullick, I’m from Pakistan.’ I paused and then asked with a smile, “Senator, will you invade my country?” Everyone around us broke into laughter. He replied, “Apparently no one read my speech, but I do know that President Musharraf is not happy.” He smiled and we took a group photo.

Mullick offered to volunteer some of his time to contribute to the Senator’s foreign policy portfolio vis-a-vis U.S.-Muslim World relations.

A few weeks previously, Mullick was invited to the book launch of Robert Novak’s memoir, “Prince of Darkness,” at the Army Navy Club in Washington, D.C. David Keene, Mullick’s host in D.C., introduced him to vice president Dick Cheney.


Select for Mullick’s new article on Pakistan, published in The Nation. 

(August, 2007)