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Rebecca Sterley M’84

Rebecca Sterley M’84 is advisor advocate in Information Technology Services at IUP. When the unit was among the first to occupy the Suites on Grant, she created cyber artwork to enliven the surroundings. “Basically, my ‘circuitryRecycled’ creative works are about fun!” she said. Using pieces of castoff technology—circuitry, motherboards, fans, wires, etc., she not only created art but recycled what would otherwise have been discarded. According to University Architect Patti Andritz, “The pieces are displayed throughout the IT Services offices, and really add a great touch!”

Two examples of Sterley’s work—

Disked Up
“Disked Up”


Silica Infusion
“Silica Infusion”


“Every day we are funneled into an ever-demanding cyber world. Our fingertips command our computers, cell phones, PDAs, TV remotes, and an ever increasing number of work and leisure devices. Our command is sent and BING—our desires are instantly met, be it locally or on the other side of the world. In a blink, we have instant gratification—USUALLY!

“Parts DO go askew. Once scrutinized, if the part can’t be saved or salvaged it is deemed and doomed as end-of-life, and off to a dumpster it goes and then off to a landfill—our land, our fill.

“So basically, my ‘circuitryRecycled’ creative works are about fun! Freed from their external casings, the exposed computer components offer the eye an intrigue of design, composition, texture, and flow. Tearing off the casings of the heavy computer cables reveals a twisted array of colorful wires. The circuitry, motherboards, fans, wires, and bits seem to beg to be amalgamated and fused into a new synergy form!”

—Rebecca Sterley M’84 

(February 2008)