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Foreign Student Club Members from 1970s Visit Campus

Foreign Student Club members with former advisor Pat Carone

From left: Christy Enekwe, Anne Lemble, Anny Morandy, Pat Carone, Margit Varga, Carmen Figueroa, Sakari Saro, and Anne-Marie Linden

Foreign Student Club members in Pennsylvania

From left: Sakari Saro, Margit Varga, and Anny Morandy

Members of IUP’s Foreign Student Club from the 1970s traveled to Indiana in May for a reunion.

They toured campus, met with IUP administrators, and explored the region, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in Fayette County. The alumni also visited with retired faculty member and international advisor Pat Carone.

Among those making the trek were Moses Tesi ’77, Cameroon; Christy Enekwe ’78, Nigeria; Carmen Figueroa ’78, Chile; Sakari Saro ’78, Finland; Anny Morandy ’79, France; Dana Spiardi ’80, Pittsburgh; Anne Lemble, France; Anne-Marie Linden, Sweden; and Margit Varga, Netherlands.

Information about the reunions is available through Saro at jssaro@yahoo.com

Foreign Student Club members in Oak Grove

In the Oak Grove: Anne Lemble, Carmen Figueroa, Anne-Marie Linden, Christy Enekwe, Sakari Saro, Anny Morandy, and Margit Varga

Foreign Student Club members at Fallingwater

At Fallingwater: Sakari Saro, Margit Varga, Anne Lemble, Carmen Figueroa, Anny Morandy, Dana Spiardi, Anne-Marie Linden, and Moses Tesi