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Paul Chakot ’16, Alec Zander Redd ’14, and Black Ridge Release Debut CD

Alec Zander Redd

Alec Zander Redd sings and plays saxophone for Indiana-based Black Ridge.

In May 2016, Indiana band Black Ridge released its self-titled debut CD. Current band members include Paul Chakot ’16 on lead vocals and guitar; Alec Zander Redd ’14, lead vocals and saxophone; Cody Lemmon, bass and background vocals; Matt Bortz, lead guitar; and current IUP student Mike Conrad on drums. The drummer on the album, Jake LeJeune ’16, recently left the band to enter the Marines.

Black Ridge got its start about five years ago playing the Brown Hotel and other Indiana venues. Since that time, the band has traveled all over western Pennsylvania playing original material, as well as covers of Bob Seger, Sly and the Family Stone, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and more. Other past members and contributors have included Nate Herby, Nate McMahon, Stefan Petrigac, and Seth Ross.

Paul Chakot

Paul Chakot, Black Ridge singer and guitarist

Paul Chakot on Black Ridge’s Debut CD

“The music on the CD is all original and goes in and out between a number of genres, including rock, reggae, soul, funk, and folk,” Paul said. “Each song was written and recorded with a lot of time and care. We tend to focus on writing a ‘hook,’ or catchy chorus, to lure the listener in. Many people think it’s hard to write really memorable hooks, because it’s almost all been done, but we don’t subscribe to that thought. We feel as though we have a lot to give, and it comes directly from our souls.”

Find more information on the Black Ridge website.