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Mickey Straub, class of ’79, embarked on an historic trip starting in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on September 4, 2012. On this patriotic trip, Mickey planned to visit all 50 capitols in 50 days.

He completed the trip on October 22, six days ahead of schedule, when he pulled his Lincoln Town Car into Springfield, Illinois.

Straub said he made the historic trip for personal and patriotic reasons. He wanted to check off his “bucket list” a longtime goal of visiting each state's capitol building and jokes that he "prefers to have big goals with short deadlines."

But more importantly, he would like to encourage all Americans to re-read the Gettysburg Address and to honor our veterans, the main reason why Lincoln was asked to make "a few appropriate remarks" at the November 1863 dedication.

Mickey Straub

On the steps of each Capitol, Straub "invited to recite". That is, he invited residents to join him on the steps in reciting the Gettysburg Address. When they do, he hoped they would realize how that "great task" and "unfinished work" Lincoln referred to is ongoing and continues today.

"I have always felt a strong connection to Abraham Lincoln," Mickey said, "not just because he was our first Republican president, but because of Lincoln's connection to my birth state (Pennsylvania) and my adopted state (Illinois).”

Ultimately, he hopes that Americans will re-commit to Lincoln's core principles and that of our founders: God, Liberty, Unity and Equality. Those principles were prominent in the Gettysburg Address and throughout Lincoln's life.

Concerned with the direction of the country, Straub believes, “We need to re-claim Lincoln's core principles and have a new birth of freedom to help ensure that it long endures.”

For more information, including an updated blog and details on how to make a donation, visit 50 Capitols In 50 Days or Reclaiming Lincoln. (All net proceeds will benefit veterans’ organizations.)