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cover: Love, Emily

Kelly Fisher Cherry, a local author who graduated from IUP in 1996 with a degree in Journalism, is writing under the pen name of Kelly Killian and recently self-published her first book. Love, Emily – A Love Story from the Files of Jessica Summer is the first book of a series of love stories centering on young women in their 20s who all seek relationship advice from Jessica Summer.

The book is available on the Nook, Kindle and in paperback from Amazon. 

Kelly started out attempting to publish her books the traditional way, by finding an agent who would buy the rights and market the book for her. But, upon learning more about the process, she began to think that in this day and age, it might be more beneficial to take the route of self-publishing.

“Things are different than they were ten years ago,” she said. “With the inception and subsequent popularity of e-readers, coupled with social media marketing on the Internet, an author’s fate is really in his own hands. No one is going to care about my book as much as I do, and no one is going to take the time and attention I will to get my book out there.”

While it is possible for an author to publish on Amazon without having a publisher, Kelly opted to start her own publishing company, Divi Publishing, LLC.

“I wanted to keep my options open as far as publishing goes,” Kelly said. “There are so many people out there who want to write books, and if I can help them out by publishing them through my company, it’s something I would consider doing.”

Kelly Killian

About the Author

Kelly Killian was born and raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a town most historically noted for a devastating flood in 1889 and known by those who live there for the steel mill industry and the grounded, humble, friendly attitudes of their neighbors. Kelly is a graduate of Conemaugh Valley High School and Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations. After graduation from college, Kelly’s first professional job took her to Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, where she still resides today with her husband and three ragdoll cats.

About the Series

The Jessica Summer Series involves women of all different backgrounds who have one thing in common—confusion in their love lives. Each one of them has turned to seeking the advice of Jessica Summer to help them straighten out whatever issues they are encountering throughout their journeys. The advice is not always followed, but the story surrounding the letters is heartwarming, fun, and relatable to women who have found themselves in relationship struggles at one time or another in their lives.

Love, Emily is the first book of the Jessica Summer Series.  The next book, Love, Rachel, is coming soon in 2012. For updated information on this author and the series, please visit the Kelly Killian website.