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Author Patrick Pacalo ’88 has published 500 articles and numerous books. His book, The Liberty Cipher, is part of the Cold Warfare series, which he started writing in 2004.

Patrik holds degrees in political science and history, has interned at the Strategic Studies Institute of the Army War College in 1983, and is now enrolled in the graduate National Security Studies Certificate program with American Military University.

Cover: The Liberty Cipher

Description of the Liberty Cipher:

On June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty, a lightly armed electronic listening ship flying the American flag on a clear day, was attacked in international waters and nearly sunk by Israeli Defense Forces air and naval units. The U.S. Navy and the Johnson Administration covered up the fact that the attack was deliberate. Now, over forty years after the attack, the truth can be discerned. From analysis of public accounts and old policy truths we can see that it was the Israeli intention to communicate to the U.S. military that it should not cooperate with the Soviets in forcing the Israelis to settle the raging 1967 mid-East war. As this book reveals, even the U.S. Navy’s report, done under pressure from the Johnson White House, tells the reader that the attack was highly coordinated and the report was rushed. Experienced researcher-writer Patrick Pacalo peels back the layers of the formerly classified onion revealing the only possible truth about the action.