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Light Years from Tranquility

Frank Lewandowski ’76 has published the science fiction book Light Years from Tranquility.

A sequel to Light Years from Paradise, his new book takes place in the distant future, “where an enemy of Mankind is destroying space colonies, causing human expansion among the stars to come to a halt. Unaware these events have been taking place, Starship Captain Erik Houston is en route back to headquarters. He can't stop thinking about Zama, a female Believer from his last mission. A shocking discovery aboard his ship causes him to question her motives. Despite his concerns, he seeks to get reassigned to her planet. Instead, his superiors send his crew and him on a high-risk mission to a star system where two rival species are about to go to war. Some highly improbable events unfold that seem meant to be, almost as if an unseen hand were guiding things. First Officer Fred Montoya, a religious skeptic, begins to feel his long-held views may be wrong. Perhaps there is a God after all. The story offers adventure and a romance that transcends time and space.”

Light Years from Tranquility is available from Wipf and Stock Publishers.