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Styrofoam cups from the article

Styrofoam cups from the article "Oceans in Deep"

When Doug Strange M’77 from Kutztown, Pa., read the article “Oceans in Deep” in the latest issue of IUP Magazine, one photo in particular caught his eye.

Doug Strange's Styrofoam cups

Doug Strange's Styrofoam cups

“Steve Hovan wasn’t unique in sending a Styrofoam cup into the depths of the ocean, Doug said. “While performing pollution studies onboard the RV Annandale with Dr. Bill Dietrich around 1975, we did the same thing… and I still possess my Styrofoam cups.”

The Sutton Button

Doug also retained his “Sutton Button.”

“While I attended IUP for my master’s program, Sutton Hall was threatened with demolition. A concerted effort saved the main hall, and only the two wings were torn down. I have my “Sutton Button” that was used to raise awareness of the building’s significance to the university.”