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Alumni Extra: Updates

Alumni Extra Photo Collage


Share your photos and stories online! E-mail your updates to the IUP Communications Office at alumni-extra@iup.edu.


The Ray Coppler ’10 Disability Awareness Award recently marked its seventh year at IUP. (8/15/2017 5:39:29 PM)
Derek Evans ’14 wrote a book to raise awareness about postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. (8/15/2017 4:32:29 PM)
Scott Rhoades M’06 took part in a reduced-gravity flight to conduct aerospace-nursing research. (8/3/2017 6:55:17 PM)
Chuck Ziegenfuss ’97 is breeding service dogs for wounded veterans and first responders. (8/3/2017 6:15:05 PM)
Percussionist Malavika Godbole ’03 was part of a 2017 Grammy-nominated performance. (8/3/2017 6:00:44 PM)
Mary Davis Deemer ’93 involved her third-grade students in an arts-in-education program. (8/3/2017 5:49:10 PM)
On Career Day at Pittsburgh Woolslair PreK-5, Joe McLaughlin ’92, M’97 and others discovered they had IUP in common. (8/3/2017 5:32:06 PM)
The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association has honored Cindy Powell-Steffen ’90, M’13 as a Luminary. (8/3/2017 5:21:13 PM)
David Serafine ’93 has a new book: Bumble Pie: The Art of Losering. (8/3/2017 3:53:13 PM)
In spring 2017, IUP administrators visited Michele Papakie ’93 on the job with the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. (8/3/2017 3:45:23 PM)
Ian Gallanar ’87 has been elected vice president and president-elect of the Shakespeare Theatre Association. (8/3/2017 3:23:56 PM)
Bill Diskin ’87, M’90 recently ran into Gail Smith-Arrants ’73 at the Cannon School in North Carolina. (8/3/2017 2:42:26 PM)
The Center for Online Education recently featured Anthony Buffone ’96, ’98 on its website. (8/3/2017 2:29:31 PM)
Michele McEvoy O’Leary ’94 was keynote speaker for the 2017 IUP Student Accounting Association dinner. (8/3/2017 2:17:02 PM)
Tim Hayes ’82 has published his second book, Growing Up Giffin: Reflections of a Happy Steeltown Boyhood. (8/3/2017 1:22:30 PM)
A national association has honored Annemarie Vaccaro M’96 for her contributions to literature and research. (8/2/2017 8:22:54 PM)
Saint Vincent College honored Nancy Rottler M’00, D’13 for her leadership of the college’s Opportunity, Act 101, and Student Support Services program. (8/2/2017 8:07:10 PM)
Keith Henderson ’81 has been appointed chief of the Whitehall Borough Police Department. (8/2/2017 7:34:08 PM)
More than 40 attended the IUP Ice Hockey Club’s 2017 reunion weekend, organizer Paul Bucher ’81 reported. (8/2/2017 4:54:39 PM)
Lisa Jornov Leong ’02 is in charge of concessions at the San Francisco 49ers’ home stadium. (8/2/2017 4:27:01 PM)
The American Heart Association has named Amy Shope Manzi ’02 its director of grassroots advocacy. (8/2/2017 3:50:46 PM)
Michael Caruso ’80 has received the IUP Hospitality Management Department’s first Allen Woods ’50 Alumni Achievement Award. (8/2/2017 3:32:11 PM)
Author Randall Silvis M’76 has released a new Ryan DeMarco mystery, Two Days Gone. (8/1/2017 8:57:39 PM)
Lumsden & McCormick, LLP, of New York, named Megan Morris ’14 a senior accountant. (8/1/2017 8:12:50 PM)
Liam Mitchell M’70 starred with his wife, Barbara Bleier, in a short film, Sunset. (8/1/2017 8:01:52 PM)
Longwood University professor James Jordan ’64 received the 2017 Virginia Social Science Scholar of the Year Award. (8/1/2017 7:41:14 PM)
Sisters Carolyn Kirkpatrick Davis ’86 and Paula Kirkpatrick Andrei ’91, M’92 made an IUP connection at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (4/3/2017 8:12:08 PM)
Faced with a life-threatening condition, John Posa ’89 is getting help through a campaign started by his siblings. (4/3/2017 8:06:25 PM)
Michael Borowitz ’89 was guest conductor for an IUP production of Johann Strauss’s Die Fledermaus in December 2016. (4/3/2017 7:31:32 PM)
Michael Mann ’94 helped IUP promote its recycling efforts through a rap video. (4/3/2017 7:26:14 PM)
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