Library Deaccessioning Project Reaches Completion

Posted on 2/16/21 2:21 PM

The IUP Libraries' Deaccessioning Project, started in 2016, is complete. Library and department faculty have evaluated the physical book collection to identify and remove outdated, damaged, and duplicate books. Twenty-six percent of the 168,000 books that were identified as potential candidates were deaccessioned. The results of this collaborative work are a modern collection aligned with the university's academic mission, an improved book browsing experience, and the development of processes to ensure continued review of the collection.

Moving forward, the IUP Libraries' physical book collection will be evaluated on a rolling schedule, with specific pieces of the collection reviewed each year. This ongoing review will be based on library faculty and departmental faculty expertise, currency and accessibility of materials, and relevance to the university's mission.

We extend our sincere thanks to all who contributed to the successful completion of the project by reviewing title lists, browsing bookshelves, and providing input on deaccessioning decisions. Thank you also to the Provost's ad hoc Deaccessioning Committee for providing clear goals and outlining the project's phases. Timothy Moerland, Bill Balint, Francisco Alarcn, Chris Clouser, Ben Ford, Courtney McLaughlin, Scott Moore, and Carson Nicholas served on this committee.

We also thank the Libraries' Book Removal Task Force, including Melissa Brooks, Susan Drummond, Joyce Piper, Ed Zimmerman, Carol Asamoah, Brian Hunter, Sara Evans, and Sandy Janicki. The task force established the guidelines and workflows and performed the work of moving and shifting thousands of volumes.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, our book collections cannot be browsed at this time. However, when the campus reopens, book lovers can easily find all the fiction, essential reference books, graphic novels, and seminal texts they need. Lifelong learning awaits!

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