Are you researching a topic that deals with current affairs such as marijuana legalization, climate change legislation, or terrorism? The CQ Researcher database is a great place to start! "A Roadmap to Research with CQ Researcher" takes place at noon on Wednesday, October 14.

Well-balanced and objective information can be found in this resource covering disciplines such as:

  • American government,
  • History,
  • Politics,
  • public policy, and
  • data analysis for the social sciences.

Original, comprehensive reporting and analysis for CQ Researcher will give you the solid foundation.

Register for the SAGE in Session training opportunity to learn how to use CQ Researcher effectively. If you are not able to attend the live session, please consider registering, and a recording of will be sent to you after the event.

This is an excellent resource for first-year students who are writing research papers.

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