A professor helps students analyze athletic gear UNDERSTAND EVERY ASPECT OF THE GAME Students learn how to analyze different types of equipment, from the materials and construction to the quality-versus-price balance, to prepare for professional purchasing decisions.

Professors Bring Fitness Management and Medical Expertise to Campus

Prior to arriving at IUP, our Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science faculty members coached athletic teams, operated fitness training centers, and learned first-hand the rigors of working with hospitals to rehabilitate injured athletes and cardiac patients.

  • Our professors blend scholarly achievements with real-world experiences that will enrich your pursuit of a career.
  • Guidance is a key ingredient our professors bring to your four undergraduate years. They help narrow your choices so that you can discover your true passion and thrive.
  • Active participation in academic and professional circles allows our professors to build a network of potential internship sponsors.
  • Presentations of research and discoveries make our faculty members popular at regional and national events.