Undergraduate Programs in Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science

  • Students in Kinesiology listen to a professor using a laptop as one student holds a basketball

    Embrace an Interdisciplinary Approach to Health and Fitness

    The interdisciplinary nature of the Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science Department allows you to focus on your dream while gathering and sharing with a diverse group of health and fitness devotees. Together, you'll begin by mastering a core curriculum, and then you'll branch out to a specialty of your choosing. Throughout, you'll engage with students and parents from the community who will benefit from your skills.

    Another advantage of this unique under-one-roof program is the freedom to change your focus should you discover new interests. This seamless integration of disciplines reflects how quickly new trends develop in the modern world of health and physical education.

    Why Kinsesiology, Health, and Sport Science?

    Research reveals two important truths. The first is too many American children and adults ignore physical fitness. The second is that regular activity is one of the best forms of preventative medicine. Your work in the community as a teacher, administrator, or sports management leader is to constantly remind and demonstrate that excellent health and fitness are lifelong responsibilities that produce countless benefits.

    The World Needs Health and Sport Science Majors

    You have a chance to play an important role in the health of this nation-one person, one team, and one community at a time. As the population continues to grow, so does the need for more athletic trainers, allied health professionals, and accredited teachers who serve their communities.

    Your Degree in Health and Sport Science Moves You Ahead

    Your degree will immediately give you traction in the growing health and physical education professions. Depending on your focus, you may become a coach, teacher, manager of a corporate fitness center, or possibly enter the broad allied health field. Positions with professional sports organizations are also possible. You put into motion your program by selecting a track and mastering basic skills.

    • Market your training skills as a student by engaging in various programs at the IUP Fitness Center.
    • Test your fitness theories during all four years of your degree by taking part in the weekly home school program that brings community children to campus.
    • Practice what you preach by taking advantage of the swimming pool and two gymnasiums located in the fitness facility.
    • Challenge your grasp of emerging technology by mastering the department's cardiovascular lab and advanced equipment.
    • Contribute to one of the student-managed organizations dedicated to your track.

    The IUP Difference

    Interdisciplinary Method. Diverse engagement coupled with an intense focus on your chosen profession all happens under one roof. You won't be sprinting to one end of the campus for a theoretical class only to dash back for other kinds of activities.

    Driver Education Certification. This add-on certification program is a rare feature that enhances your employment opportunities once you have earned your teaching certificate.

    Quality Internships. Our faculty work hard to place you in a credit-earning internship that will enrich your academic studies. Depending on your interest, you may find yourself assisting a college athletic team, senior center, or a private fitness organization.