This page is dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of our recent graduates.

2015 Honors

Seth Carlson, a 2013 graduate from IUP's Health and Physical Education program, is currently an elementary swimming and physical education teacher at Brookville Area School District in western Pennsylvania. He has 37 different classes that he sees on a weekly basis, ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade. Among other things, Carlson coaches basketball and lifeguards for the district as well.

Seth strongly emphasizes the readiness IUP provided him for his future career. Throughout his college experience he was placed within five different school districts and learned from a wide variety of educators. Along the way he had support from the entire faculty, learning valuable tools and strategies to provide him with the biggest chance to succeed.

Seth suggested that students should take advantage of all the opportunities offered at IUP. Use the resources there to market yourself, and make your resume bright and appealing. Ask questions, and use your professors and advisors as tools to better yourself. The world is endless, so don't limit yourself, and enjoy the journey!

Kristy Gwizdak, a 2014 graduate from IUP's Exercise Science program, is currently a clinical exercise specialist (CES) with the Cardiology Associates of Altoona, Pa. Kristy's duties include hook-up for 14-day ECG heart monitors. Additionally, Kristy reads and interprets all of the EKG recordings. She was used to interpreting a 12-lead EKG, so she is still learning the process of reading the two-lead EKGs, which consist of three electrodes (two on the chest and one on the left rib cage).

Kristy completed her internship at UPMC Altoona, where she got to sit in on Dr. Shanvouy's heart catheterizations. Dr. Shanovouy told her to call him if she did not find a job in the exercise science field. She took the opportunity, and she was interviewed for an open position. She is successful from her determined motivation, curiosity, and the well-rounded education she received from IUP. Kristy has had tremendous support from her professors at IUP in and out of the classroom.

Kristy strongly encourages others to take their internships seriously because it could potentially lead to a job or references. She passionately believes that others should "do the best you can do! Put in the hard work and don't just sit around at your internship. Go above and beyond, give your professional best to show the supervisors at your internship that you are interested and want to learn. Ask questions from professors in class or anyone in general about anything." The bottom line is to do a great job during your internship(s).

2014 Honors

Ashley McAteer , a 2013 graduate from IUP's Health and Physical Education program, continues to pursue additional career opportunities as she starts her second year of teaching at Ralph Chandler Middle School in the Greenville County School District, S.C. She completed certifications in teaching school archery and swim stroke/turn judge, along with becoming a member of the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association. She holds duel head coaching positions in girls' softball at Ralph Chandler and swimming at Woodmont High School.

Ashley states that she is building her career through drive, determination, and the quality education she has received at IUP. She has been able to successfully deal with many challenges her first year of teaching from the knowledge and experience gained from core courses and student teaching, including technology, ESL students, and the Special Needs Activity Program internship program. The professional guidance and support she received from IUP's professors has proven to be invaluable, as well.

Ashley credits IUP's Health and Physical Education program for providing her with a very well-rounded and solid core educational foundation, which has led to her career success to date.

Ashley strongly encourages new graduates to make the most of their careers by continuing to build upon the knowledge and experiences cultivated at IUP, and by pursuing professional opportunities such as seminars, certifications, memberships, and networking. These assist in growing and developing in your career, and also draw interest to your resume when seeking employment. Finally, do not allow your career to stall due to lack of employment opportunities in your area. Strongly consider moving to get your career started!

Brent D. Paulik , a recent graduate from IUP's Exercise Science program, has been steadily building his career in the field and pursuing new opportunities. He is currently the wellness manager for Bass Pro Shops Sportsman's Park Center in Springfield, Mo. Brent was formerly the senior health and fitness specialist for Take Care Health Systems, a subsidiary of Walgreens, before reaching his current position. Brent believes that he made it to where he is today by being persistent, continuing to pursue the next opportunity available in the field, and, of course, by the preparation of his outstanding education at IUP.

Brent wholeheartedly believes that the Exercise Science program at IUP is a great program that gives students an excellent knowledge base and top notch training to help prepare students for working in the field. Furthermore, Brent believes that the program will only continue to improve over time by helping students with application skills for the types of jobs they may find in the field.

Brent offered some final advice to graduates of IUP's Exercise Science program, imploring graduates to be willing to go to where the opportunities are and not to isolate themselves to a small area, and to continually strive to build their resume and become as marketable as possible in the field.