Information about Quizzes in D2L.

How do I use the Question Library?

D2L has provided documentation for the Questions Library. Video tutorials have been created on YouTube for the Question Library playlist.

Where do I find documentation on creating and managing quizzes?

D2L has provided documentation and video tutorials for the Quizzes playlists. The video tutorials include information on creating quizzes, random quizzes, bonus questions, and granting special access, along with setting up a quiz for auto-grading, and more.

How do I randomize questions from a question pool for students?

Inserting a random section into a quiz ensures that each user will receive a unique set of questions. The random section pulls from a designated pool of questions stored in the Question Library. Instructions for Setting Up a Random Quiz can be found on the D2L Brightspace documentation web pages.

A D2L instructional video on how to set up a randomized quiz can be found at Quizzes - Create a Quiz with a Randomized Set of Questions.

How can I set up special access for a student?

Quiz Special Access allows you to set a different number of quiz attempts for an individual learner(s). The properties enable you to increase the time limit and allow different start and end dates for individual users. This can be set up to permit just selected users to have the special access, but all students able to see the quiz; or set up so only the users with special access can see the quiz in the quiz list. Special access can also be set for assignments.

There is also a video that may help in understanding Grant Special Access to Users for a Quiz.

Can students receive shuffled questions compared to other students in a quiz?

Yes, quizzes can be delivered in shuffled form so students receive a quiz attempt with a unique question order. D2L provides a very good tutorial on how to shuffle the order of questions and folders (sections) in a quiz.

Quizzes - Shuffle Questions

Are there reports for quizzes?

A video for Creating a Quiz Report is part of the Brightspace tutorials for instructors.

What should I do if students cannot see their quiz scores?

Faculty can view student attempts on a quiz. When a student starts a quiz and clicks “Start Quiz!” D2L automatically categorizes this as “Users with attempts in progress.” It is possible for quizzes to stay in this state if a student gets kicked out of the quiz or has other problems. The Viewing a Student Quiz Attempt section below can help an instructor determine quizzes in progress.

How do I view a student quiz attempt?

Faculty can view student attempts on a quiz. When a student starts a quiz and clicks Start Quiz!, D2L automatically categorizes this as "Users with attempts in progress." It is possible for quizzes to stay in this state if a student gets kicked out of the quiz or has other problems.

If you would like to view a student's quiz attempt, you can do so using the following steps:

  1. Click Quizzes from the Assessments drop-down menu. Identify the quiz in which you would like to view students' attempts. Click the drop-down arrow next to the quiz title and select Grade. You will see the user's results for the quiz.
  2. You can view an individual student's attempt by clicking the "attempt 1" link located under the student whose attempt you would like to view. As you scroll through the attempt, you can change scores for any question as needed. The Save button saves any changes, while the Save and Close button will save any changes and close the window.
  3. If the quiz was set for multiple attempts, the attempts appear under the student's name in numerical order. Clicking on the attempt number (e.g., attempt 2) will display a different attempt for the quiz.

Note: While in the student's attempt, just above the Timing label on the Grade Attempt page there is a link titled Quiz Event Log. Click on this link if you want to see additional details regarding the quiz attempt. The Quizzes Event Log displays when the quiz was entered, the time when a question was responded to, and the time when a question was saved, along with when the quiz was completed. You can also display the IP address of the device from which the student took the quiz. Click the Close button when done.

Options for Correcting Quizzes Found with an In Progress State

Often quizzes can be found in an "in progress" state. This signifies that the student has some type of problem with the quiz. Outlined below are the basic options for correcting this situation.

Finding Quizzes set to "In Progress"

On the Quiz list page, select Grades from the drop-down menu. The best way to find any quizzes set to the In Progress status is to search for those attempts in that state.

In the Show Search Options area, go to Restrict to. From the Restrict to dropdown menu, select Users with attempts in Progress. Next, click on the magnifying glass icon. This icon is found to the right in the text search box.

Once you find all of the attempts, you can choose to delete one or more attempts or submit the quiz attempt on behalf of the student(s). Those instructions are included on this page.

Deleting a Quiz Attempt for a Student

If you determine to let the student retake the quiz, you will need to delete their quiz attempt. Just below the Restrict to label, you will see a list of students with attempts "in progress." To delete an attempt, simply check the box next to the student's name, and click on the Reset link next to the trash can icon. If you want to delete all attempts in this situation, check the box below the Reset link next to the trash can icon. This will select all students. When you click on the trash can, all attempts will be deleted. The student(s) can now retake the quiz. You may need to set the student(s) for Special Access for them to retake the quiz.

Submitting a Quiz on Behalf of a Student

If you do not want the student(s) to retake the quiz, you can submit the quiz on the student's behalf. Note next to the attempt number the indication that the quiz is set to the In Progress state. Click on the icon of the people to the right of the in progress link. You are asked to confirm that you will enter the quiz as that student. Click OK. The quiz is displayed as submitted to the student.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a Submit Quiz button. If answers have been saved, click on Submit Quiz. (Only the answers saved will be graded upon submission.)

Republish Scores to Grade Book

Sometimes students will indicate that they cannot see their quiz scores in their grade book. Often this is caused by a misconfiguration of the Assessment section in the Assessment tab.

Republish Quiz Scores to Grade Book

If you need to Publish/Re-Publish Quiz scores to the Grades tool, you can do so using the following steps:

If a student does not see their quiz grade in their grade book, you will need to reset it. This often means the quiz is not set correctly to push the grade to the grade book. To correct this issue, you will need to reset the quiz and republish existing grades.

Republish Grade-Student

Click on the Quizzes link. From the drop-down menu next to the desired quiz title, select Edit. Select the Assessment tab. Make sure you have a Grade Item column name in the grade item drop-down menu. Make sure the box next to Allow automatic export to grades is checked Make sure the box next to Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion is checked. Click on the Save button.

Republish Grades-Set Assessment Grade Book

Next, at the top above the tabs, click on the drop-down next to the quiz name and select Grade.
Make sure that you have set the number per page at 200. If the publish box next to each student's name is checked, click the Graded icon just to the right of the word Published in the headings. This will un-check all boxes of the students. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page.

You can select and deselect all users by hitting the checkbox beside the garbage can above the list of student quiz attempts. Also, you can select/deselect all publish items by clicking the icon beside the publish label. We recommend attempting this in a test environment before making any changes, if possible.

Next, click the Graded icon just to the right of the word Published in the headings again. This will check all the boxes of the students in the column. Select the Save and Close button at the bottom of the page. Go the Enter Grades section of the grade book and verify that the quiz grades are now in the grade item column you selected.

Republish Grades - Correct Published Grade